6 SUMMER DAYS BY THE WADDEN SEA - At Wadden Sea Experiences

Højergård - Se på kort
  • 6 days
  • Maximum number of people: 30
  • April - June
  • Recommended age: 18+
  • Joint activities
  • All inclusive

Come along to the protected marsh farm in Højer for a summer stay with natural culture and food experiences in the world nature area Tøndermarsken, and learn more about architecture, building customs and the history of the area on the edge of the magnificent nature of the Wadden Sea and in the borderland between Denmark and Germany.  6 days with unique nature experiences, history and a guided trip at low tide to Hallig Oland. All combined with healthy and nutritious nature and food experiences prepared from local food from nature's great pantry, the Wadden Sea National Park. These are just some of the experiences that await the participants on this South Jutland stay in Højergård,

Marskgården Højergård

Marskgården in Højer includes a small collection of historic houses. A 200-year-old farmhouse from one of the city's marsh farms, a German-inspired villa from 1906 and a barn from the 18th century. Together, the three buildings tell of a special building custom, which for generations has been shaped by the nature, culture and history of Southern Jutland. Today, Marskgården in Højer is owned by Realdania Byg & Byg, whose restoration is to promote the living building culture.

Højer City – The building customs and architecture of the border country

Narration and guided tour of Højer city. Højer town is one of the increasingly rare places in Denmark where farms and townhouses are still seen side by side. The town center consists of narrow streets and squares in a varied course, where well-preserved buildings, built in traditional construction with features characteristic of the region, form a living cultural environment. Højer is rich in architectural heritage, and the city center contains one of the country's highest concentrations of listed and conservation-worthy buildings.

Holy Oland

We are going on a full-day trip to Halligen Oland, which is a small hallig in North Frisia that is approx. 2.9 kilometers long and up to 980 meters wide. Until 1634, Oland was connected with Hallig Langeneß. Over the centuries, this connection was destroyed by storm surges. Hallig Oland also became much smaller. Originally there were 2 yards, but now all the people live on one. Shipyards are the only elevations that rise above the water when the land is flooded by high tides and storm surges.

Those who live in the hovel must use their own small carts called "Loren" to collect supplies. Hallig Oland has both a school, a church and a parish hall with a library, an inn and a thatched lighthouse. In the middle of Hallig Oland there is a historic water reservoir for cattle, a so-called fething. The small thatched church was built in 1824 as a replacement for two earlier churches.

The castle town of Møgeltønder

Møgeltønder is the marsh's beautiful and well-preserved castle town. The cityscape is characterized by beautiful thatched 18th-century houses in red brick with small bay windows and beautiful entrances. In the Middle Ages, Møgeltønder was a village with a castle that lay on the edge of the marsh. In addition to Schackenborg Castle, we will experience Slotsgaden; a cobbled linden alley which has rightly been called "Denmark's most beautiful village street". We will visit Slotfelt, a special thatched barn from the 1870s, which has been restored by Realdania City & Byg. Today, Slotfelt functions as a cultural center. Guided tour and the history of the castle town of Møgeltønder.

Herb tour on the salt meadow with a guide

Tøndermarsh contains a wealth of wild, edible plants. The salty wind, the tides, the nutrient-rich marshland and the mudflats create natural breeding ground for a large number of distinctive plants. On this trip you get the very special experience of gathering and tasting seasonal herbs on the salt meadow surrounded by rich birdlife, horizon and high into the sky. Our experienced nature guides introduce the plants to you, and give you the story of how the herbs for generations have given flavor and nourishment to the region's meals and, not least, herbal schnapps. When we collect wild plants, we respect nature and collect sustainably. We therefore never take home more from the salt meadow than we can fit in our hat or a small fabric bag. We head from the salt meadow back to Højergård, where, with a dedicated food guide, you will be allowed to prepare a lunch that includes some of the herbs you have collected. You can take the rest home and try your hand at it in your own kitchen.

Højer Sausages

South Jutland butchers' products and sausages are known everywhere in Denmark, because South Jutland butcher's craftsmanship equals quality. Many recipes have been passed down through generations and have their roots in Germany, where special rules for purity and the content of meat have been in force for centuries. This also applies to Højer Sausages from 1897, owned by the same family for four generations and probably Denmark's most awarded butchers. The company has won over 300 medals at competitions at home and abroad and received an honorary diploma from the Danish Gastronomic Academy. We go into the kitchen with the butchers and learn how to make sausages with the original ingredients from Højer Sausages.

Vidåen and the Wadden Sea by bike

Use the loan bikes and experience the outlet of the Vidåen in the Wadden Sea and see the building Vidåslusen and understand its important function. Experience perhaps the most beautiful sunset over Vidåen you have seen in many years.

Round trip on Rømø with guide

Round trip on Rømø where we visit Lakolk beach, Kommandørgården and Tønnisgård Nature Center where we will hear about Rømø's history and the heyday as whalers. Many men on Rømø went whaling in the Arctic Ocean off East Greenland and Svalbard for a period of approx. 200 years from 1660-1860. Most of them sailed on German and Dutch ships, and several of them earned a lot of money as captain, mate or harpooner on the ships. The captains were called commanders, which is why there are still beautiful commander's residences on Rømø, where the owners were not afraid to show off their newfound wealth. The heyday of whaling peaked around 1770, when there were said to have been around 40 commanders or retired commanders on Rømø. The whalers sometimes took the whales' jawbones back to Rømø, where they used them as a substitute for wood as a building material. There is still a fence from 1772 made of whale bones in Juvre.


Guests spend the night in one of Højergård's 15 rooms, all of which have their own bath and toilet in the hallway.

  • Supplement for single room: NOK 600 payable on arrival.
  • Check-in at Højergård at 15:00-17:00. Departure at 11:00.
  • A minimum of 20 people must be registered for the trip to take place.



+45 2162 6452 or morten@vadehavetsopplesler.dk


15.00-16.30 Arrival and accommodation 17.00-18.00 Story and tour at Højergård Hear the story of the marsh farm, which consists of three historic buildings that represent 300 years of building history as well as a modern addition - a carriage gate - which was part of Realdania By & Byg's transformation for to ensure life in the historic property – also for future generations. 18.00-19.00 Dinner 19.30-21.15 Make your own original Højer Sausages. In the kitchen at Højergård, we will make our own sausages with the original ingredients from Højer Sausages. The sausages are part of a lunch that guests help prepare in Højergård's kitchen. The event is adapted for vegetarians. 21.15-21.45 Evening coffee and socializing in the farmhouse and in the garden at Højergård.

We, as one of the very few groups that have received official permission from the authorities, go across the seabed to Halig Oland at low tide. On the trip over to Hallig Oland, our guides tell us about the mudflats, its inhabitants, the birds, the Wadden Sea National Park and UNESCO world heritage. At the hall, the participants get a tour, where they e.g. will also enter the church and hear some of the many old stories about the place. At the hallig, the participants will have a typical hallig meal, and there will be time to enjoy the special atmosphere that prevails at the hallig. We sail by ship back to Schlüttsiel where we are picked up by bus. 08.00-09.15 Breakfast in the dining room 09.30-11.00 Bus to Dagebüll 11.00 – 17.00 Low tide trip to Hallig Oland. Lunch at Hallig Oland. 18.30-19.30 Dinner at Højergård. 20.00 - Evening coffee and socializing in the farmhouse and in the garden at Højergård

08.00-09.15 Breakfast in the dining room 09.30-18.30 Tøndermarsken and Vidåen on your own – loan bikes and maps available 18.30-19.30 Dinner at Højergård. 20.00 - Evening coffee and socializing in the farmhouse and garden at Højergård

08.00-09.15 Breakfast in the dining room 09.30-11.15 Dig herbs in the Tøndermarsken A local herb guide takes us out to the salt meadow to find and taste herbs. The herbs are part of today's lunch, which we prepare together with a food guide. 11.15-13.00 Lunch (with preparation in the kitchen of herbs, Højer sausages, etc.) 14.00-16.00 Højer Mølle – Art and architecture in Højer We visit the exhibition at Højer Mølle, which introduces Tøndermarsken and the building culture of the area. A local guide tells about Højer's active artists and artisans. 18.30-20.00 Dinner at Højergård. 20.00 - Evening entertainment in the farmhouse and garden at Højergård

Round trip on Rømø where we visit Lakolk beach, Kommandørgården and Tønnisgård Nature Center where we will hear about Rømø's history and the heyday as whalers. 08.00-09.15 Breakfast in the dining room 10.00 – 10.45. Bus from Højergård to Rømø 11.00 – 12.30. Rømø round with Guide 12.30 – 14.00 Lunch at Rømø 14.00 – 16.30 Rømø round with guide. 18.30 – 20.00 Dinner at Højergård. 20.00 - Evening coffee and socializing in the farmhouse and garden at Højergård

08.00- 09.30 Breakfast in the dining room 10.30 – 11.00 Departure from Højergård


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6 SUMMER DAYS BY THE WADDEN SEA - At Wadden Sea Experiences

Højergård - Se på kort

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