Rental of off-road electric wheelchairs

  • 1 - 2 hours duration
  • More than 2 hours duration

If you have difficulty walking or are in a wheelchair, and have a desire to come with the family around the Rømø paths, a walk in the forest or a walk along the water's edge at the beach, it is now possible.

At our tourist office Juvrevej 6, Rømø, it is possible to rent an all-terrain electric wheelchair. The chair is in a trailer (750 kg. M. brakes), which is just enough to be attached to the car if the trip first starts on the beach, or you can start the trip directly from here. There are detailed instructions both for unloading the chair from the trailer and using the chair itself. Everything is done with electricity so it can be done by one person. The seat height is slightly higher than on a regular wheelchair, so you need to have some movement to move, or otherwise be able to be moved yourself.

Max. speed is 6 km/h which corresponds to walking speed.

One charge lasts for approx. 4 hours/24 km.

The chair can be rented for 1 day, 5 weekdays, 1 week or a weekend (starts Saturday at 8:00 a.m./ends Sunday at 8:00 p.m.)

  • Højdepunkter
  • One charge lasts for approx. 4 hours/24 km.
    Max. speed is 6 km/h which corresponds to walking speed.
    Can drive on the beach and in the dunes
  • Inkluderer
  • incl. trailer for transport around the island

Trailer and chair must be delivered in the same condition as when received, there is a small broom inside the trailer, which must be used to sweep away sand etc. When picking up - remember to unplug the power plug, and also plug it back in when delivering. The trailer and chair have built-in GPS, and we will therefore always be able to track where this is. Insurance is included in the price. Deductible of DKK 1,000 and 100% if the chair is driven into the water.

The trailer is rented together with the wheelchair. The trailer can be towed by all cars, as it weighs 750kg and has a brake.

Anyone can use the wheelchair - who has difficulty moving outdoors in difficult conditions. The wheelchairs must be used in all places where pedestrian traffic is permitted. There is no requirement that you have to be disabled in order to use a wheelchair.

It just needs to have a trailer hitch on the car if you want to take it to another destination. If you do not have a towbar, you can drive the electric wheelchair from juvrevej 6. (The battery can reach most points on the island)

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Rental of off-road electric wheelchairs

Fra: 650.00 kr.