Black Sun

Rush hour in Marsken

A natural phenomenon in the Marsh and the Wadden Sea

Starlings migrate through the Wadden Sea National Park and the Marsh

Every year in Spring and Autumn the starlings fly south and back again to spend the winter. The starlings gather in large flocks to fly together, this creates a kind of security against birds of prey who are looking for an easy meal. Tønder The marsh around Tønder is known to gather huge groups of Black Sol.

Twice a year you can safely see the beautiful Black Sun happening a few meters away. With a guide you can almost be sure to find the birds, as the guides are always informed about where they settle down for the night.

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Black Sun in the Marshes

Large swarms of starlings migrate over the Marsh, especially in spring and autumn. The birds gather in the evening before retiring and forming dark clouds in the sky. Hence "Black Sun".

This is how you experience Black Sol

You will find black sun in autumn and spring, when flocks of starlings fly south and back. The large flocks do a dance before settling down in the tall grass to spend the night. This dance is also known as Black Sol.